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BLUEGRASS Yardage Book and Cover

The BLUEGRASS Yardage Book and Cover is a classy and refined gift for a golfer who loves unique accessories. The vintage bourbon finish will age beautifully to develop a lustrous patina over time. At roughly 7.25" H X 4.25" W when closed, the holder will fit most scorecards and yardage books, and will fit comfortably in your back pocket.

Included with each BLUEGRASS cover will be a promo code for a free yardage book from Puttview, over 30,000 courses worldwide (promo code will also be delivered via email shortly after you place your order). Each yardage book is printed on high quality waterproof paper and will have relevant images and distance (in yards) to include:


  • Carries + runout
  • Penalty to penalty width
  • Tee to fairway and fairway to green elevation change
  • To green and from tee rings
  • Compass off tee shot and into greens
  • Fairway arrows in areas that exceed 4% slope
  • Also included is green map with dual view topographic slope presented in % (accurate to the millimeter)


Learn more about Puttview here.

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